Katalog / UV Lights

UV student light UL-20

Lamp with 2x6 watt bulbs.

1 hand UV light UL-2N

Lamp with 2x4 watt bulbs. Reflectors are replacable.

Cursisten lamp Student light

Light with 1 x 6 watt U shaped bulbs.

1 hand UV tunnel light with timer UL-4B

Light with 4x9 watt U shaped bulbs and 4 reflectors.

2 hand UV light UL-2H-3B

UV lamp with fan. Built in timer with easy-to-use control. Dries fast and perfect for Systěmy pěče o kůžičku a nehty 2x9 watt UV bulbs

U shaped replacement bulb 9 watt

Replacement lamp for Ocius lamp en UL-4B, HLSNAIL-36, 1 hand UV lamp with replaceable hand rest.

Replacement Bulbs

1. 4 watt for UL-2N 1899822003
2. 6 watt for student light & 1899822004 UL-20
3. 9 watt for UL-2H-3B 1899822001

Tunnel light HLSNAIL-36

Light with 4x9 watt U shaped bulbs.

Ocius 9 watt UV light 1899821008

The fastest, most efficient way to give your nails a beautiful, even cure.