Katalog / Treatments

Almond 4 Ever

15 ml 1399831007
75 ml 1399831004

Scented oil, specifically to nourish and to soften the cuticle area. Oil is a great moisturizer and penetrates deep into the skin for healty growing natural nails and cuticles.

Peach Delight

15 ml 1399831006
75 ml 1399831003

Stick to Base

15 ml 1399811003
75 ml 1399811002

Base coat improves the adhesion of nail polish to the nail. To be applied prior to nail polish.


15 ml 1399811004
75 ml 1399811009

Cuticle Away

15 ml 1399831008
75 ml 1399831005

Cuticle remover is used to remove excess cuticle from the nailplate.

Tougher Than 15 ml

Nail hardner.

Dry it Fast

15 ml 1399821006
75 ml 1399821003

Fast drying topcoat.

Fill it Pink

15 ml 1399835002
75 ml 1399835001

Fill it White

15 ml 1399835003
75 ml 1399835007

Ridgefiller to correct uneven surfaces on the nail, can be used as a base coat.

Star Lightening 15 ml 1399821008

Sneldrogende topcoat. Fast drying topcoat.

Get Glossy

15 ml 1399821007
75 ml 1399821005

Glossy topcoat.

UV coat 15 ml 1399821008

UV coat protects artificial nails against ultra violet exposure. The nail is optically enhanced through reflecting characteristics within the UV. UV coat is a sealer and only for use on artificial nails. Cannot be used on polished or natural nails.

Golden Delight 15 ml 1499812004

Silver Delight 15 ml 1499812001

Pearl Delight 15 ml 1499812005

Red Delight 15 ml 1499812003

Green Delight 15 ml 1499812002

Topcoat with hologram in it.

A coat 15 ml

A coat protects the artificial nails from ultra-violet exposure. The reflective barrier in A coat is also an optical enhancer that brings out the natural look of the nail bed en the clean white of the free edge. A-coat is a sealer for artificial nails only.