Katalog / Striping Tape & Dots & Confetti & Nail Art Sealer

Striping Tape

Tape that can be used to decorate nails. Straight lines can be made by placing the tape ontop of polish or in gel or Akryly.

Striping Tape Silver 1599851007
Striping Tape Green 1599851004
Striping Tape Purple 1599851008
Striping Tape Blue 1599851003
Striping Tape Red 1599851009
Striping Tape Gold 1599851006
Striping Tape Pink 1599851010
Striping Tape Light Blue 1599851005

Dots & Contetti 10 pes

Confetti and dots can be used in polish, gel or Akryly to decorate nails.

Nail Art Sealer 15 ml

Nail Art Sealer can be used on the artificial or natural nail to achieve a better adhesion of nail art, like shapes or rhinestones on nails.